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Frequently asked questions

What to trade/sell/buy?

Any industrial raw material, waste, by-product or co-product of manufacturing can be traded on the WaVa platform. Our goal is to help you achieve your circular economy objectives in order to achieve your economic goals and environmental benefits.

WaVa is however specialised in the management and processing of chemical by-products. Although you can trade other types of by-products, our main users are looking for or selling this type of by-product.

How do I get started?
What are the fees?

There are no registration fees for the platform.

There are no fees for offering a by-product or for making an offer.

Transaction fees are only charged when a transaction is completed.

The fee for a one time transaction is 20% of the total amount of the transaction.

The fee for a recurring contract is discussed at the time of the first transaction and is assessed on the basis of value, volume and frequency.

Is WaVa recognised as a waste disposal facility?
What is the process?
  1. publication of an offer or a request,
  2. response to an offer by a buyer (or response to a request by a seller),
  3. placing an order with the price, including transport,
  4. requesting a sample for laboratory or industrial testing (optional),
  5. signature of the contract by the parties.
The providing of a free sample should enable the buyer to avoid quality or compatibility problems when receiving the product.

How does the transport work?
  • The seller and/or the buyer take care of the transport.
  • On request, a logistics service can be organised by a WaVa partner.
The person responsible for the transport has to ensure compliance with ADR, Reach, etc.

How are Non-Quality / Reconciliation / Returns managed?
  1. reject the products; or
  2. accept the products and request an appropriate discount of the selling price, to be negotiated immediately upon request of the buyer. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the buyer may (but is not obliged to) decide to exercise his right of rejection.
WaVa can act as mediator at the request of one of the parties.

What is the legal classification of my waste / secondary material?

In case of any doubt about the ADR /Reach/ UN classification, it is possible to mandate one of our partners.

WaVa does not check the classification of advertisements and does not validate the transport data.

How do you process the data?

WaVa does not resell user data.

WaVa complies with the European GDPR and the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP).

How to contact the WaVa team?

You can contact us using the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.