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WaVa helps chemical companies increasing their economic competitiveness while decreasing the ecological impact by developing the circular economy through industrial symbiosis. WaVa (short for Waste Valorisation) is a marketplace for chemical companies. This marketplace allows the sale or purchase of manufacturing sub-products in order to facilitate the setup of recycling channels and thus avoid the destruction of products that have a real value on the secondary market. WaVa was founded by a team of entrepreneurs from the world of chemistry, circular economy consulting and IT to facilitate untapped synergies for our industrial clients. All companies want to reduce their environmental impact, but they face two types of difficulties:

  • Changing a process by setting up a recycling channel is virtuous but restrictive
  • The use of secondary materials can be of interest in sectors outside the company's usual range of action WaVa was created to allow manufacturers to connect, exchange their sub-products, while facilitating their documentation (REACH, OMOD, OLED...), contractual, quality management and transport constraints.