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Aqueous solution of ammonium sulfate

Aqueous solution of ammonium sulfate

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Aqueous solution of ammonium sulfate. concentration w / w = 27% Base water: running water.


CAS Number : 7783-20-2


Appearance: Liquid, clear to slight haze, colorless to yellow
tint. Odor: No odor Odor Threshold: NA pH: 2.5-8.0 Melting/Freeze point: -14⁰C (7⁰F) Boiling point-range: 102⁰C-105⁰C (215⁰F-221⁰F) approx. Flash point: NA Evaporation rate: 1 (water=1)
Flammability: Not flammable.
Upper/lower flammability limits: NA
Vapor pressure: NA Vapor density: NA Relative Density (Specific Gravity): 1.224-1.235 S.G. @ 15.5⁰C0 ⁰(6F) Water Solubility: Complete. Partial coefficient: n-octanol/water: NA Auto ignition: NA Decomposition temperature: >235⁰C (455⁰F) Viscosity: NA

Physico-Chemical Characteristic

Characteristic Value Condition
Purity $27$
pH $2.5$
Boiling Point $102.0$ $°C$
Density $1.2$ $g.ml^{-1}$


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